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This is NoOne (stage name). The man behind it, is Noam Hoze

Noam Hoze, born and raised in Israel, is a composer, musical producer, piano player, singer-songwriter and aspiring filmmaker currently residing in Boston. When you hear Noam's music, you will find that it cannot be defined by a single style. In his music you will find gospel, jazz, pop and electronic-a Capella pieces. Click here to hear & watch all of Noam's music and video clips.


Throughout his musical journey, Noam worked as a pianist accompanying in 2004 a choir of teenagers, Vocalliza, singing Israeli and jazz standard songs. 

in 2008, He played Guitar, Djembe and Bass in a world music ethnic band called Joya, there he also led world music workshops for kids, teenagers and adults.

In 2019 He worked as a piano player playing Georgian music in a wedding band called Breeze.


As an aspiring filmmaker, Noam has produced a pilot episode for a comedic series. Click here to watch.   


Rimon school of music, Piano jazz perf, 2003 - 2005 

New School in Shtriker Israel, Piano jazz perf, 2017 - 2019

Berklee School of music, Game Scoring, 2023 - Present


Perform with a teenagers choir, 2004

Doing Workshops of world music, 2008.

Wedding band playing Georgian music, 2019


Scholarship for New school in Shtriker , 2017.
Two Scholarships for Berklee, 2023.

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